Everidge is in the business of keeping things cool, especially when it comes to one-piece outdoor and indoor cold storage.

About Everidge 

“Everidge is the leading innovator of commercial cold storage solutions, walk-in coolers/freezers, and cook-chill specialty solutions” (Everidge). 

Headquartered in Plymouth, MN., Everidge has operations and manufacturing facilities in California, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, and Virginia. With this powerful package of domestic manufacturing, Everidge has operational efficiencies that can cover your refrigeration and freezer needs from coast to coast. 

“We have a rich history of innovation, making premier walk-in coolers and freezers since 1939, and are family-owned for more than 30 years. The company is constantly evolving to offer the best experience, ‘every step of the way'” (Everidge).

Seamless Installation Yields Cost Efficiencies

Cost savings abound when selecting an ICS one-piece walk-in because installation is simplified and handled 100% by the factory.  With a flat fee, Everidge takes care of the process from start to finish.

All you need to install an ICS box is “any open space, including a parking lot” (Everidge).  Everidge builds your walk-in in the factory with one-piece construction and then uses a flatbed truck deliver it to your jobsite!  From there, a crane gently sets it into place, leaving the installation a total breeze.  Have your site ready by pre-pouring a concrete pad and then just plug it in to begin use!  

Example: If you are a fast-food chain needing to install additional cold storage for your refrigerated food items, an ICS box would be dropped onto a pre-leveled space (e.g., a parking lot or cement pad) and placed directly on top! Once the electrical and HVAC are taken care of, you are off to the races! 

Increase Your Space

You can even extend your operational footprint without doing a remodel or renovation.  Select an ICS box for your ambient space as well!  In other words, they don’t need to be used with refrigeration… make them an extension of your operation with unlimited applications.

Example: If your focus was to create a curbside pickup space, this could be an independently operated structure separate from the building where customers could come up and pick up their groceries without coming into the store!  In other words, they don’t need to be used with refrigeration…make them an extension of your operation!

Applications for ICS 

– Drive Thru’s 

– Curbside Pickup 

– Dry and Ambient Storage 

– Drink Coolers / Storage 

– Additional Cold Storage 

– Breweries 

Why Choose ICS? 

ICS units can blend in with any existing structure and seamlessly integrate into your operation, with different external finishes to match your building’s exterior “without sacrificing critical in-store floor space” (Everidge). ICS is used in many applications within and outside of food service! It is implemented in healthcare for additional cold and ambient storage for refrigerated items. Additional ICS uses have been implemented in grocery and convenience stores and corporate and governmental settings. 

ICS walk-ins are “built smart – with quick ship sizes and additional configurations for your cooler, freezer, and ambient needs” (Everidge).  ICS units come preassembled and ready to drop in at any existing structure and have a 20 Year Limited Warranty. 

Automatically Monitor Your Temperatures 

Suppose you are looking for a way to monitor your additional cold storage without having to use manpower to consistently do temperature checks. In that case, the SmartRite Walk-In Monitor System is a perfect solution to reducing labor and making temperature checks incredibly easy. This is an easy-to-install, small digital display that monitors your walk-in without you having to! 

The SmartRite Monitor is NSF-approved and has audio-visual alarms with remote notifications, door-open alarms, battery backups, power failure alarms, and panic/entrapment alarms. The SmartRite smartphone app allows users to monitor all of this and more. 

“The SmartRite monitor will help maintain your perishables at optimum quality and safety while reducing energy costs. [It] incorporates a range of functions, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities, keeping the information available at your fingertips 24 hours a day” (Everidge). 


Everidge has an array of products to elevate your walk-in coolers and freezers.  ICS one-piece boxes save upfront costs and provide a superior product for your organization.  Additionally, the ICS one-piece unit can be used for ambient temperatures to extend your operational footprint without adding costs for renovation or remodel.  Contact your Greenwald Sales & Marketing representative for more information on how Everidge can make your environment cooler!