Core values are a fundamental part of any company, and when you focus on them, hire by them, and reward by them, a team will grow together like a family encouraging one another to embrace the values every day.

At Greenwald Sales & Marketing, we take the time to recognize others when they go above and beyond to exemplify our core values. We call that a “core values shout-out,” and we take time every week to share these accolades with our teammates.

Let’s explore each of them and what they mean to us.

Execute with Excellence and Integrity

This is the basis from which we believe all our values flow. Everything we do, we do in the BEST ways possible. No corners are cut, and no loose ends are left untied. And not only do we pride ourselves on being the best, but we also take pride in staying honest and transparent, bringing unparalleled mutual respect and accountability to our channel partners.

Be Prepared and Bring Value

We are experts in foodservice, tabletop, supply, and equipment products. We are prepared with product knowledge and strategy to ensure our channel partners yield the best result for their unique situations. We set out to bring purpose and preparedness wherever we spend our time, whether in the office, on a sales call, or working with our dealers, manufacturers, or end-users. And we deliver fast, reliable solutions, always giving value to our partners and reassuring their decision to work with us.

This is a diagram of The Greenwald Experience, our Proven Process.  It all begins with our core values shining through!  It represents what you will experience when working with us from start to finish and the path leads you to our marketplace guarantee: we deliver fast, reliable solutions. 

Use Candor to Earn Trust

Honesty and sincerity are paramount to everything we do at Greenwald Sales & Marketing. We are honest, transparent, and forthright when working with our partners, whether the news we have to deliver is good or bad. Transparency from us creates trust with others and helps us foster the best relationships possible. Working with us means you will hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Say it With a Smile

And while sometimes the news isn’t great, we will still consistently deliver it upbeat and optimistically, noting that while there might be challenges, we can always overcome them! Being personable, thoughtful, and intentional in our industry is a kindness we believe every person deserves. Treating others with honor and dignity by being hospitable is critical. Plus, our smiles are genuine because, let’s face it, foodservice is fun!

Exhibit Unparalleled Professionalism

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of our craft. We believe in always finding the best path for our channel partners. We are focused, dedicated, and reliable. When you interact with any of us, you will be able to sense that we are professional experts and have your back!

Embrace Your Inner Entrepreneur

Direction and drive lead the way for all of our employees. Each is empowered to make decisions that grow our business and each does so as though they own their own business. We are self-led and take the appropriate risks to achieve the best results. We are results-driven, competitive, and love a good win!


At Greenwald Sales & Marketing, we take our core values seriously. Each reflects the attributes we selected to define a pathway to success. These values facilitate our decision-making and our go-to-market strategy. These are the pillars for what you can expect when you work with any of our Greenwald Sales and Marketing employees. Do you align with these core values? Consider applying to be a part of our team!