Greenwald Sales & Marketing is highlighting CDN this month to show how and why to accurately field calibrate thermometers. Ensuring that your thermometers are working properly is very important to keep food temperatures out of the danger zones! 

“A thermometer may lose accuracy after years of use or after a particularly hard jolt” (CDN). This is why field calibrating your thermometers is essential to ensure an accurate reading and proper HASSCP protocols are followed in the back of the house.  

Operators move quickly in the back of the house, but calibrating takes just a few minutes! CDN is the thermometer brand trusted by chefs worldwide! 

Recalibrating With An Ice Slurry – Model IRT220 and IRXL220

Things You’ll Need: 

–           Medium-sized plastic container. 

–           3 cups of crushed ice. 

–           2 cups of water in a pitcher. 

–           Dial thermometer. 

–           Optional: pliers or wrench. 

–            For Crushed Ice: you can use a Waring Xtreme Series Blender to help crush your ice

Directions: Ice Slurry

  • Fill a medium-sized plastic container with one cup of water and two cups of crushed ice. Mix and let stand for 3-5 minutes before testing. 
  • Immerse the stem into the center of the slurry 3in/ 7.6cm. Dot to let the stem touch the bottom of the container.
  • Hold the dial firmly and slowly rotate the hex nut beneath the dial. Use the pliers or wrench to adjust the next nut. The pointer will start to move. 
  • Rotate the nut clockwise to increase the reading. Rotate the nut counterclockwise to decrease the reading. 
  • Stop adjusting when the pointer indicates the temperature of the water.

Tricks of the Trade from CDN: 

“Getting a 32°F /0°C ice water temperature is very difficult. It will probably be closer to 34°F / 1°C” (CDN).

Watch Kate show you how it’s done!

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