Greenwald Sales and Marketing recently attended the MAFSI 2024 Conference in Palm Springs, California, and we had the best time ever! Palm Springs was the perfect and much-needed break from the Midwest’s dreary, grey-filled, January skies. Everyone boarded their planes for a week full of learning, connecting, and growing together as a team. 

Fresh Faces and Sunny Places! 

The travel team included Melissa Greenwald, Chuck Kiley, Margie Gaunt, Kris Corbitt, Kate Pennington, Michelle French, and Sara York! Two first-timers attended MAFSI with the veteran team: Kris Corbitt and Sara York. Kris and Sara had the best time getting to know the conference better and connecting with industry friends and co-workers! Attending the conference allowed the team to get to know each other better during dinners, breakout sessions, and going down the Megalodon shark-themed slide at our house rental!  Yes. We really did that.  Maybe you caught it on our social media feeds?

Good Times, Laugh Lines, and Tequila with Limes! 

This year, we rented a giant Airbnb with a Megalodon shark-themed slide, fantastic pool, hot tub, bocce court, game room, putting green, and enough rooms for everyone! The house was the perfect space for us to host our manufacturers for a special evening. We partied the night away with them and had delicious snacks and drinks. The night’s popular cocktail was tequila (the good stuff) on the rocks with fresh limes. We played pool and ping pong, raced each other on arcade games, and ate tacos to our hearts’ content. It was an incredible bonding night, ending with everyone going down the slide and jumping into the pool!  

Awards, Accolades and Green Jackets!

MAFSI was a great learning opportunity for all of us and a delightful chance to celebrate some of our outstanding team members. Melissa Greenwald has served on the MAFSI board in different capacities for 13 years and was honored for her service. She has been integral to keeping MAFSI’s vision in our region and collaborating with other board members nationwide! She partnered up with another rep group and led a breakout session, always willing to share her insights with the industry.  Chuck Kiley, a MAFSI board member, was also honored by being asked to lead a breakout on one of MAFSI’s hottest topics! Kate Pennington received one of the Rising Star awards for her contributions to the association and her work crafting the MAFSI Messenger Spotlights, highlighting members of our community and throughout the country. Melissa and Chuck wore their Board Member green jackets proudly all week long along with the rest of MAFSI’s leaders!

Conference Triumphs, Co-worker Kinship, and Travel Tales!

We had an incredible time attending the MAFSI 2024 Conference and an even better time bonding with our team members and industry friends. After a turbulent flight, we made it home in one piece. But we cannot wait to do it all again for MAFSI 2026, and we hope to see you there!