At Greenwald Sales & Marketing (GSM), we offer a variety of internships ranging from culinary, design, marketing, and sales opportunities. We have an extensive network of connections in the professional sphere, and we love to prepare our interns in any way possible to achieve their dreams.  We also hope to recruit the next generation of talent to the foodservice equipment and supply world.   

Greenwald Sales & Marketing is a manufacturers’ representative agency for the foodservice industry’s premier manufacturers in tabletop, smallwares, and equipment categories. Our coverage includes Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Western Pennsylvania. 

The Greenwald Sales & Marketing team has a considerable education portfolio that allows them to cater to many aspects of the professional world, with degrees in communication, languages, law, and more. We are well-established and will help propel interns into lasting careers in the marketplace.

We had the opportunity to interview our latest intern, Hailey Ware! Kate and Hailey discussed the program from her perspective as an intern turned employee! Hailey entered the Internship Program and left it with a part-time job as an Associate Graphic Designer.

K: “What are you studying in school? Where do you attend?”

H: “I’m studying Advertising and Graphic Design with a double minor in Photography and Business at Columbus College of Art and Design.”

K: “I love that! Your studies have been so helpful with your role here. What is your title at GSM? What does a typical Monday look like for you?” 

H: “I’m an Associate Graphic Designer, formerly a Digital Media and Marketing Intern. A typical Monday morning for me looks like getting to the office and getting set up for a 9 a.m. meeting with Michelle, our Creative Director, to discuss tasks, edits, and reviews of current projects. After that, I work on creating or reworking projects for the rest of the day while working with Melissa, Michelle, and Kate on various projects.”

K: “Ha-ha! You usually have a pretty busy Monday! What was your biggest learning curve that you had to overcome?”

H: “I would say that the largest learning curve was understanding the marketing back-end of foodservice and how to use the industry lingo! A helpful tool was Foodservice 101*! I had some knowledge about operations from working at Sheetz in college, but this really helped me understand the various channels.”

*Foodservice 101 is MAFSI’s onboarding program.  Ask us for more details!

K: “I love that! I felt the same way. Okay, so, what was the most fun and challenging project that you’ve worked on?”

H: “The most fun would be the various Greenwald Gabs I created featuring our team – but the most challenging would be the GSM Brand Guidelines! There were SO many layers to that! 

K: “That’s awesome. It’s cool to see you tackle these projects head-on. Final question here: What’s something you would tell any person applying to GSM or their Internship Program?”

H: “Oooh! Great question. I would say that every day looks different, but this is a really good thing! I learned more this way, especially coming in relatively new to foodservice. You’ll love working here!”