Decorated glassware is the pinnacle of a sophisticated tabletop experience.  Adding a logo to glassware has long been something that foodservice operators have desired for many reasons, including an inexpensive branding opportunity that gets directly into their customer’s hands. Customized glassware in your operations results in a carefully crafted look and can even help to save you money and keep profit from draining away!

Whether adding a touch of flare, a logo, a measured pour line, or a creative geometric design, custom glass is for every customer, everywhere.

Connect With Your Patrons on a Subconscious Level

Brand identification is a bonus in selecting and designing a custom logo’d glass for your operation. It creates a point of connectivity to your brand that is unparalleled and, while there is an aesthetic upgrade there is also a subconscious relationship developing.  Every one of your customers will see your logo prominently displayed.  They will even hold it in their hands during their dining experience and begin to develop a strong bond with your brand.

Do it for the Gram 

Not to mention, there is a viral effect when your customers snap their Instagrammable moment, and your logo is seen around the world!  Your brand awareness will spread far beyond the reach you might have originally anticipated.  Cheers to that!  

Pour Your Heart Out, But Be Careful Not To Overpour It

Another element to consider when customizing glassware is placing the logo to create a measured pour line: allowing operators to save time and money on their liquor costs while adding a dash of flare to their glasses.  

A few generic pour line decoration examples can be a corkscrew, a wave, grapes, or a star.  Even better idea? Incorporate your own logo and use it to create the perfect pour!

Some glassware manufacturers, like Arc Cardinal, offer glassware in their standard line that comes pre-decorated with strategically placed pour lines.  Whether you want to mark a 3 oz., 6 oz., or 9 oz. wine pour, the right logo can get you all three in one simply by pouring to the bottom, middle, or top!  

Show Me the Money

Pour lines can help lower your operating costs while customizing your glassware experience, saving you money and enhancing your profitability.  Let’s put this into practical terms.  If your bartenders are overpouring wine by an ounce, at a cost of $0.60 /ounce, at 400 glasses a month, you are losing $2880/year IN COST. That’s just cost. It does not account for the actual profitability you are losing by not making a margin on that same amount of wine. Yikes!

How Does This Play Out?

If a bar wants to increase its revenue during the summer months by expanding and extending its bar menu, they can reach out to their local rep and discuss decorated glassware options. The bar manager decides on a custom beer mug with the bar’s logo on the glass and some multi-colored geometric shapes. After making this glass change – whenever customers come into the bar, they take pictures with the glass—allowing the bar to have social media exposure and marketing.  All the while, the logo is placed in a strategic point on the glass to indicate to the bartender that they should stop pouring and thereby keep profit in each pour.  This example perfectly explains why choosing custom glass can be a revenue increase while not spending a lot of cash to accomplish it! 

Who Can Decorate a Glass

Oftentimes, the manufacturer of the glass will have the ability to decorate it in their factory.  At Arc Cardinal, decoration occurs in the New Jersey factory and machines have the capability of doing many colors to create a unique and beautifully crafted look.  The minimum amount of glass required to run a decorated glass order is fairly low and the cost is minimal for the return on investment.  

If you want inspiration on where a custom glass could fit in your operation, they are perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, bars, pubs, restaurants, beer halls, cafes, distilleries, breweries, vineyards, and more!